At the Movies

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April 3, 2012 by carol

We went to see Mirror, Mirror on Sunday afternoon. The movie was fun enough, not great but enjoyable. Julia Roberts definitely stole the show. I did learn one lesson though. I should not wear lower cut shirts to the movies. I had on a cute little v-neck t-shirt that is incredibly comfortable, and looks good, at least I think so. The problem is that when I’m eating popcorn in the dark, and I always have to have popcorn at the theater, I tend to drop pieces. I don’t know how the dark make me not know where my moth is, but that’s beside the point. And each time I dropped one, swoosh, right down the front of my shirt and caught in my bra. Every single one. Then I’d have to fish it out, and yes, plop it into my mouth instead. Now if I had been wearing a regular t-shirt, they would have just rolled down onto my lap and then onto the floor and I wouldn’t have ended up with “buttery” boobs.

I will say though, that I really like Carmike’s new rewards program. We might go to the movies too much, but this time we got two free drinks and a free popcorn. And the little register spit out two more coupons to use next time. Can’t beat that.

And I finally figured out who Snow White, Lily Collins, reminds me of in the last scene in the movie- Audrey Hepburn. At first I thought I must have seen collins in something before, but no, she looks like Audrey Hepburn. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen any of Hepburn’s movies, but the pictures of her are so familiar, I feel like I have.


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