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May 7, 2012 by carol

I love going to baseball games, even if our team is the Pittsburgh Pirates, perennial losers. Saturday night was the first game we’ve been to this season and it was a perfect game to go to. Not only did we win, we got two homeruns and it was fireworks night. Pittsburgh, in case you didn’t know, loves fireworks.

Our baseball nights follow a routine. We park downtown, grab bottles of water and a bag of peanuts from one of the stands, way cheaper than inside the park, and walk across the Clemente Bridge to the ballpark. We always drop some change in the saxophonist’s case; he’s there before and after every game, and not only is he a talented musician, he’s funny. During the second inning, give or take, we get food- Saturday it was hot dogs and French fries- and just snack on the peanuts throughout the game. And we always stay til the end, winning or losing, fireworks or no.

We almost had a disruption to our usual routine though. We’re sitting in front of a family with a couple younger kids. Midway through the third inning, I hear the little girl tell her mom she feels sick. “Seriously?” mom responds. Mind you this girl is right behind my husband. My brother-in-law says to my husband “Look out.” Of course, Hubby is looking out for a ball, or a beer getting spilled, or a flying foam finger, the usual baseball game things. He has no clue what’s going on behind him. Girl insists she’s going to be sick, but they stay. Until girl pukes. Thankfully it was in her cotton candy bag, and not all over my husband’s back. They left then. Poor kid, probably too much junk food, cotton candy, peanuts, M&Ms. But at least it happened to them and didn’t spoil out night.

When can we go again?


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