Back on Track


May 23, 2012 by carol

So I was sick at the beginning of last week, like pass out in the shower, burn myself, sleep 24 hours sick. Needless to say it threw off my routine and I couldn’t do much for a few days. Then came the weekend and we had so much going on. We helped demo a friend’s kitchen on Saturday with a cookout afterward, Sunday was church and then a party. This week I had a lunch banquet at Amber’s school on Monday and then a breakfast there yesterday, needless to say cafeteria food is not the best. But yesterday afternoon I finally felt like I was back on track. Ran/walked out at the track and I actually completed a week 4 of C25K session for the first time. I was very happy with myself. Then I came home, took the dog for a walk, planted my herb garden. And, in the evening after David’s softball game, I actually got in a 15 minute ab workout. I was pretty pleased. Now if I can just keep it up.

Now to a little bragging about my daughter- Principal’s list all 4 nine week periods this year and one of only 10 kids in her class who got some kind of outstanding academic excellence award. She’s a smart, imaginative kid, so if you see her talking to a tree, just remember she’s creative and intelligent, not nuts.



One thought on “Back on Track

  1. Congrats on the news about your daughter, that’s pretty impressive.

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