Can I have a nap?

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May 24, 2012 by carol

The answer is no, I just have too much to do today. But my head is pounding. I’ve taken some Advil, but so far it’s no help. It’s a hormonal migraine. I’ve had migraine’s since I was  kid, and they used to be pretty nasty. For the most part they’ve lessened and I’ve learned to avoid what trigger them, bit these I just can’t get totally rid of. I don’t get them every month, but sometimes they are just awful. My current birth control pills are more help than the ones I had before, but I would love to go home right now, take a nice warm shower and take a nap.

That’s not really an option though. I’ve another 2 hours of work. Then, after I pick up Amber, I have to stop at the pet store and the grocery store to get lizard stuff. We’re going away for the weekend and my mom’s stopping by to feed Scorch, so I need to make sure there are enough crickets and greens. Then I need to work on the garden. Dinner, jogging, a meeting at 7. It’s going to be a long day.

But, back to my original thought. Any non-prescription ideas on getting rid of headaches?


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