Who Makes the Best Pizza?

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June 12, 2012 by carol

Who Makes the Best Pizza?

My choice is DiCarlo’s in Steubenville. It serves “Steubenville style” pizza, aka “Ohio Valley style”, by the slice. We call it square pizza. It’s made in a square pan and then cut into square pieces. The dough, not quite thick, not quite thin, topped with sauce, more or less crushed tomatoes and a minimal base of cheese is baked. After it’s taken out of the oven, the toppings are put on, including more cheese, pepperoni, just standard topping though, nothing unusual. And it’s not reheated, so you’ve got the cold cheese on top – delicious!! It’s best eaten right there in the parking lot; DiCarlo’s doesn’t have any seating, well except for a couple of benches where you can wait on your order. Oh, and it’s cheap! Less than $1 a slice.

My husband, if we’re going with square pizza agrees that DiCarlo’s has the best, but his preference is for your traditional round pizza, the kind chains like Papa John’s and Vocelli’s serves. Everything’s melted and you can get just about any toppings you want. And my daughter dislikes square pizza- I’m not sure why.

My least favorite pizza is my grandma’s recipe. Now that she’s passed away my mom makes it occasionally. It’s just odd. It’s topped with cheddar cheese and bacon and there’s cheese in the sauce too. The sauce is okay on spaghetti or something, but as pizza, I pass.

What’s you favorite pizza?


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