Cell Phones

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June 21, 2012 by carol

I’m thinking about cell phones today. I think my daughter needs one; my husband disagrees. Amber is 12 and a smart kid, but that’s beside the point. My reasoning is simple. We don’t have a home phone anymore; my husband and I both have smart phones and it’s working out well over all. My problem is that Amber’s old enough to be home by herself while I go out to the park to run or the grocery store, but she doesn’t have a phone. Or I leave my phone with her and then I don’t have one. And there are times, like sleep-overs or Relay for Life this weekend, when she is going to stay over night at the track with folks from church, when I would feel better knowing she could get in touch with me whenever she wants. She spends the time I’m at work with at her grandma’s but I’m sure she’d like a phone there too, to talk to her friends or whatever, since I’m not sure she’s allowed on the internet that much over there. They have some kind of odd limited plan when it comes to the internet. It would make life so much easier if we gave her one of her own, just to talk and text, I don’t think she needs a fancy one with internet access or apps at this point. And yes, most of her friends have cell phones, but she’s not really pushing for one herself, although I’m sure she wouldn’t turn one down.

I do realize that we would have to set some rules, when it’s appropriate to use your cell phone and when it’s not, like during meals or when you’re hanging out with friends or family, but I think she can learn the appropriate etiquette.

What do you think? When are kids old enough for cell phones? Are my concerns reasonable?


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